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Put the power of self-care back into your own hands. Monitor your health using Health Storylines in real-time and make the most of our 60+ customizable tools to manage multiple diseases and conditions in one place. Join over 90,000 users who are already benefiting from this Health app. Healthcare is complicated but we are on a mission to make it easy and organised for you. We know how hard it can be to keep track of your countless appointments or the importance of having the right pill at the right time and we don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed with their own health care regime. Our all-in-one tool allows you to track your vitals, medications, appointments, symptoms and moods in an extremely organised and simple manner. No more downloading multiple apps for each medical condition because Health Storylines does all your work for you. We understand that “self-care” isn’t just one, pre-defined way to get better. It’s a complex road where YOU have the power to record, create and share your own health stories. We help you on this path with the following features: Track everything: We have multiple screens and options that allow users to track everything from their appointments, medicines and its frequency, symptoms, moods and daily vitals etc. If you’re feeling unwell post a certain food you consumed, want to document how a procedure made you feel or want to keep a tab on your daily pulse, we’ve got your back! Join a supportive community: You are never alone! We have a super supportive and engaging healthcare community of 90,000 other users who have similar conditions as you. If you want to share your experience, have any doubts or just feel low, reach out to people in this community and they’ll be sure to remind you that you’ve got all the support you need. You can also create your own circle of support made up of your peers, caregivers and loved ones and share your regular progress in these groups. Health Progress: Not only can you track your data in one place, you can also easily access all past data and use that to draw comparisons and to understand how you’re currently doing. You can also download your personalized data in a CSV or PDF file to share with your doctor, caregiver, or to simply keep for your own personal records. Medical Treatment Adherence: In order to recover faster, we recommend you add personal reminders for everything. These can be set to any desired time interval and they’ll ensure that you follow your healthcare regime as precisely as possible. Self Reflection: This app is not only for tracking your health and symptoms, we also encourage you to document how you feel on a daily basis via the journal tool. The expression of your thoughts is equally important on a road to recovery and by jotting down your thoughts daily, you will be able to better understand your progress. Create Your Own Circles of Support: You are never alone! If you want to share your experiences, have any doubts or just feel low, reach out to people who love and care about you. Health Storylines allows you to create your own circles of support made up of your peers, caregivers and loved ones and share your regular progress with them. We believe that your health is of utmost importance and we will do everything it takes to make your journey smoother and stress-free. So, to get a better hold of your healthcare and to keep all your data and thoughts in one place, download Health Storylines Health Tracker App right away! Disclaimer: App only contains medication database for US and Canada at this time. Other countries are coming soon. Learn more about Health Storylines at We want to hear from you We love hearing your feedback and what you think of our app. Send your feedback, questions and concerns to
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